Aesthetic physiotherapy is a large sector, where we find different figures such as the doctor specialised in aesthetic medicine or the aesthetician.

But we must not forget the fundamental role played by physiotherapists specialised in aesthetics.

Dermatofunctional physiotherapy

This type of physiotherapist, without losing the health perspective, deals with different problems that worry or bother their patients.

In fact, this branch of physiotherapy is what we call dermatofunctional. It is in charge of recovering the functionality of the skin, both at body and facial level.

The treatments are usually carried out manually and are complemented with specialised equipment. Such as diathermy treatments, shock waves or pressotherapy.

Do we really know what the fields of action of dermatofunctional physiotherapy are? There are different fields of action and functions.

On the one hand, it deals with hypertrophic or keloid scars. Where the scar tissue increases beyond the limits of the lesion.

On the other hand, it deals with skin flaccidity. Which is produced mainly by the decrease of collagen and elastin.

It also works on cellulite, which is caused by impaired circulation. This increases the number of adipose cells, which produces more fatty tissue and thickening of the walls, giving rise to the dimples that characterise cellulite.

In the field of pre- and post-aesthetic surgery, it takes care of the muscular maintenance of the area, as well as reducing oedema and preventing the adhesion of scars.

Finally, it helps with circulatory problems, whether venous or lymphatic.

All these physiotherapeutic functions, which can help us with the most common complaints, are often overlooked.

For this reason, our main recommendation is that you should never hesitate and consult us, our team will know how to advise you and alleviate all these discomforts.

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