It is difficult to know what pubalgia is if you are not a regular sportsperson, although it is an injury that we should know about and be aware of, as it is more common than we think.

What is pubalgia or athlete’s hernia?

It is an acute pain in the groin, common in athletes who train daily, whose pain is a symptom of a dynamic osteopathy of the pubis.

The symptoms are localised at the level of the pubis, with irradiations towards the adductors, abdominals and the areas closest to the groin, such as the genitals.

They are not constant pains, but depend on the severity of the injury suffered by the athlete.

There are four types of pubalgia, classified according to where they are located:

  • High pubalgia, whose area of injury is abdominal.
  • Low pubalgia, the injured area is the adductors.
  • Mixed pubalgia, both the abdominal area and the adductors are affected.
  • Tendinopathy of the proximal insertion of the anterior rectus quadriceps. On many occasions, groin pain may be due to pain from overuse of this tendon which does not have a direct insertion in the pubis like the adductors and abdominals.

The first recommendation for treating this injury is relative rest and cessation of the sporting activity that may be causing the injury.

However, the main recommendation of a professional physiotherapist is global postural re-education. This is the appropriate and most effective technique to detect and treat the cause of the injury.

The physiotherapist analyses the patient’s anatomy, their points of tension, their ailments and the postures they adopt, and based on the conclusions, a recovery plan is designed.

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