Massage during pregnancy

As we have spoken on other occasions, pregnancy is a process of enormous changes, both on a physical and mental level. So it is not surprising that our body and mind are affected in various ways. Lumbar, back, sciatic and pelvic pain is common, among other discomforts. Nothing that a professional and specialized physiotherapist cannot help us with.


From the second trimester of pregnancy, massages are the best option to cope with this beautiful stage.

It will alleviate pain, avoid future discomfort, prepare us for the time of childbirth, both physically and mentally.


First, we have therapeutic massage, which is focused on relieving frequent aches and pains.

As we have spoken before, lumbar pain and sciatic pain are the most frequent.

On the other hand, we can treat tired legs as well. It is common that during pregnancy there is an excess in fluid retention, especially in the legs.

That is why lymphatic drainage techare the most recommended.

With them, what we do is open the lymphatic pathways and massage the affected areas, channeling the retained fluid into the bloodstream.

Thus, we facilitate their expulsion from it by natural means.

Perineal massage is also used to relax de muscles. The main function of the pelvic floor is to support the pelvic organs, mainly affected by pregnancy and future childbirth.

And one way to help us maintain a healthy and prepared pelvic floor is this type of massage.

Since, it is not only a preventive physical measure that protects the perineum from possible trauma during childbirth.

But also, it helps the pregnant woman to become familiar with the sensation of stretching of the perineum.

This will be of great help at the time of delivery, as the mother will be more relaxed and the perineal pain will be reduced after childbirth.

Finally, we cannot forget about the relaxing massage. There is no better way to take care of our body and mind than a good massage.

It will relieve stress and anxiety, making the future mother feel much better and calm.

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